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Presenting Niehez


Schöpfen Brings you a fully dynamic eCommerce solution to digitize your business. With Schöpfen's very own Niehez 7, you can now manage your Sales, take orders, empower your captains to process their deliveries, engage your customer support team in managing ticketing/complaints, thru Native Applications built ready to use for iOS and Android, with 'your branding'.

Niehez is a Visionary content management system Handcrafted at Schöpfen from scratch. Being versatile, it almost covers up all the major aspects of eCommerce business. It can manage Stocks, Generate Sales Reports, Manage Customers, and what not?. It is also capable of controlling Customer Relationship Processes.

In case, your business is unique and requires exclusive features, Schöpfen assures to enhance Niehez for you!

System Features

In combination with the Niehez, our Ready to use Native Applications are built to support any kind of Business, whether the business consists of; single seller to multiple buyers, or multiple buyers to multiple sellers. The applications can be modified and readjusted at any time. Oh! And any OS or Environment framework updates? Our dedicated maintenance team got it covered!

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